Features of a Fire Extinguisher Ball

With the rapid case of fires and the need to contain them, new products are being developed every year to fight fires. Among them is the fire extinguisher ball. This ball has brought around a new revolution in the fire fighting industry products.

An average fire extinguisher ball weighs 1.3 kilograms and is thrown into the fire by the use of a hand. It is used to put out fire in 5A and 21B class fires. One fire extinguisher ball can put off a fire within a span of 8 cubic meters, in a 360 degrees direction. In the event of a fire and the ball comes into contact with the fire, a self activation mode occurs within 3 to 10 automatically. The ball will burst and spread dry chemicals and also trigger noise alarm of 90 to 120 dB which is within the international safety standards.

A fire extinguisher ball is installed 6 feet’s or 1.5 meters above a potential risk area. For class C* fires, the fire extinguisher ball is installed in areas which fires cannot be put off by water. This applies to areas with electricity installations.

Fire extinguisher ball imageWhen the extinguisher ball is installed in the ceiling, it will put out the fires before they can spread to other areas. A fire ball will self activate only when it is comes into contact with fire. High temperatures above 85 degrees Celsius will melt the fire extinguisher ball. The alarm activation in the fire ball is a notification to the residents that a fire has broken out and they should evacuate from the building the soonest possible and seek help.

All the chemicals used to make the fire extinguisher ball, meet the international standards legislation. They are not harmful to the environment or to humans. This makes a fireball extinguisher safe to use.fire extinguisher ball photo

A fire extinguisher ball is safe to use with no prone risks to injuries, since all that is required is to throw the ball into the fire from a safe distance. No damage is done to property upon activation, this is because the explosion is not loud enough and it is full of foam which is not harmful.

Key useful features

  • Self activating in case of a fire, it will automatically set itself off.
  • The fire ball is easy to use hence no training is required on its usage.
  • Self alarm activation in case of a fire.
  • The fire extinguisher balls can be located anywhere, in the corridors, ceilings and places that are not easily accessible in the event of a fire.
  • For the alarm to activate the fire must make contact with the ball hence no cause of false alarms.
  • Fire extinguisher balls have a lifespan of five years. This offers guarantee protection at all times.
  • Low maintenance cost.