Fire prevention tips

In 2009 the National fire Protection Association reported that 85% of all fire deaths occurred at home. This makes it a top priority in every home to have good fire prevention measures.

Below is a list of some common causes of fires and some tips for fire prevention:

Cooking equipments

Most of the fires occurring at home arise from the use of cooking equipments or from the kitchen.

  • fire on the kitchen photoKeep your cooking appliances clean and always wipe away spills a soon as they occur.
  • Roll up your sleeves or wear short sleeves when cooking.
  • Keep all the flammable objects like curtains and dish towels away from the fire. It is recommended a distance of three feet’s.
  • Have professionals carry out an annual inspection and cleaning of fireplaces, chimneys and coal stoves.
  • Ensure that a microwave has enough breathing space and is free from obstruction.
  • In case of an oven fire or microwave fire keep the doors closed and unplug the ovens/microwave from the power supply. If the fire does not go off call the fire department.
  • Grease fires are caused by cooking oil or greasy food. To put out grease fires cover the cooking pan with a lid and turn off the burner. Never move or uncover the pan until you are sure that the fire has died out. WATER SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO FIGHT GREASE FIRES. Water causes the oil to splatter hence spreading the fire.

 Heating Equipments

During winter, heating equipments are the leading causes of fires in homes and work places. Here are some tips on how to prevent the fires:

  • Kitchen fire safetyLook for heaters that have automatic shutting devices when buying one.
  • Space heaters should never be left on anytime you leave a room.
  • Space heaters should never be used with extension cords since they can melt the cord and start a fire.
  • Keep anything that can burn three feet’s away from space heaters.
  • Always light a match before turning on a space heater
  • A gas range should never be substituted for a space heater.

Electrical Distribution Equipment

The third leading cause of home fire is electrical devices, outlets, switches and circuit breakers.


  • How to prevent elecrtical fireAll electrical devices with loose or frayed cord should be repaired.
  • Warm switches should be shut down and be checked by a qualified electrician.
  • Never run extension cords under the carpets or on doorways since they may wear out without notice and ignite a fire.
  • Socket overloading should be avoided at all times. Leave an individual power outlet for high wattage appliances.
  • Any time a circuit breaker trips cut down the number of electrical appliances on that given line.
  • Create some room around electrical appliances like TV and stereo systems to avoid over cheating


How to prevent fire from cigarettes

This is also a leading cause of house fire. Never smoke in bed. Check for any burning cigarettes before going to bed.

Fire alarmsIn addition install smoke detectors in every room to alert you on any fires.