Fire Restoration

A fire will always leave a family in big distress when their home and property is damaged. This will always occur despite the fire being a big or a small. When a house is damaged by fire it is not demolished but some restorations are done if the fire did not damage the structure. The restoration will require the help of experts who will be able to evaluate the damage and the best ways to make the house inhabitable again. This should always be a precaution and help must be sought in all cases of fires despite how small they are.

Effects of fires

fire restorationSome effects of the fire are visible to the eye are those that are on the external structure. Smoke that is stuck in the interior structure is invisible to the eye and can be quite a health hazard if not attended to after all the external repairs have been conducted.

A contaminated environment will always be a life threatening life hazard to all the members of a household. This contamination is caused by the smoke and soot residues that are inhaled. It is always important to call in the experts who will restore your home before moving in again after a fire. These experts have vast knowledge and experience on restoration after fires and will manage to handle the visible and invisible toxins in and around your home.

Importance of fire restoration

After a house is damaged by fire, the damage can be huge. However all is not lost since fire restorations experts will assist you to put back your house in order and enable resume living in comfort again. Below is a typical procedure to follow:

  • Always make a full assessment of the damage. It should include damage caused to electrical, plumbing and all vital key installations.
  • Salvage all serviceable items and safely store them for use during restoration. This will save you some money.
  • Make measure to control the spread of harmful toxins to the unaffected parts of the house.
  • Use fire ozone generators to eliminate the odours left by the fire. This should not be a cover up but it should be thoroughly done.
  • Make a list of non salvageable items that will be submitted to the insurance company for claims
  • Use professional thermo-floggers to deodorize your home. This will get rid of odours.
  • Professional cleaning solutions should be used to clean the furniture, carpets, floors and walls. This will rid of any contaminations and smoke.
  • Ventilations should be cleared of any harmful components.

Things you can do before fire restoration experts arrive:

  • Before fire restorationCall the insurance company and report the fire.
  • Take picture or the fire damage which can be used to verify the claims.
  • Open the windows to allow ventilation.
  • Dispose food that has been exposed to smoke.