Wheeled fire extinguishers

Wheeled fire extinguisher are mobile fire extinguishers, that are mounted on trolleys or wheel bases for  easy movements when fighting g fires and are operated by one person. They can deliver up to 100 litres of content. They are best used for offshore and marine fire fighting and are ideal for fuel stores and warehouses. They have a 100% guarantee and have full warranties for full protection.

Wheeled foam extinguishers

wheeled fire extinguisherThey are used to fight class A and B fires and are made of stainless steel .They either have stored pressure in them or an external pressure charge. Wheeled extinguishers are delivered while filled with foam, but can be refilled with the foaming agent. The stainless steel body ensures that they are corrosion free hence can withstand a considerable amount of time. They come in 50 and 100 litres.

Wheeled CO2 fire extinguishers: Quick response to large electrical fires!

Wheeled CO2 fire extinguishers are the best solution in fighting large electrical fires. They cause the least amount of mess when compared to powder or foam extinguishers hence creating a minimal work load when cleaning.

Large CO2 fire extinguishers are more powerful hence will control class B fuel fires and any electrical fire with great accuracy. The mobile extinguishers are easier to operate and are available in capacities of 10, 20 and 45 Kg’s making it possible for you to choose the right protection for your home.



Wheeled fire extinguishers

These are powerful extinguishers that can be easily operated by one person making them quite convenient. They come in two sizes of 50 and 100 Kg’s and are suitable for fighting class A and Class B fires. Wheeled powder fire extinguishers are used to combat flammable liquid fires occurring from fuels, solvents and paints in industrial places where they are under storage. There durability and toughness makes them withstand harsh climatic conditions and can function on a temperature range of between -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.